We Believe...

...In providing quality content that is helpful and meaningful to women in their everyday life

...In creating a forum for real conversations

...In trusting our timing, process and abilities

...In living with intention and mindfulness

...that vulnerability doesn't equate weakness

...that there are too many forums telling women "what should be done" and not enough "how"

...Life should not be done alone. Community is a salient part of life



WalkofPromise - Journeying bravely, equipped and strengthened through the various facets of womanhood

Walkofpromise hopes to empower the everyday woman to look beyond everyday circumstances. Broadening your perspective and aiding in your self-development is what we work to do through the power of information.

In our modern world, it's easy to get bogged-down with Instagram and Facebook sending a constant feed of clutter, and noise through the average person's phone. WALKOFPROMISE cut through the noise with articles that educate, motivate, and inspire you to live a full life. From writing that covers real stories, entrepreneurship, self-reflection, occupation and everyday life, this platform aims to strengthen, or even challenge your approach to living.

We hope this platform helps you shine brightly in your walk through the unforeseen, and joys of life.

xx Dorcas Solomon - Founder and Editor-In-Chief