The darkest hour is just before dawn

Written by Chris Anderson

If you there is anybody out there… if anyone can hear me… START SOMETHING.

We are living in a time where the elderly masses, politicians, and educators are all pushing youth entrepreneurship. All of the textbooks are thrown out of the window on this one. Don’t kid yourself, the push is being done out of necessity. There is no master plan. Job growth and career advancement is atrocious. Employment opportunities are even worse. All of these new initiatives to spur new youth and student entrepreneurs comes as a result of the previous generations’ realization the Gen Y and beyond is (for lack of a better term) damned.

What’s worse is that students still, for the most part are not becoming entrepreneurs. They remain risk-averse like they were taught to be, clinging on to the old ways that their parents and grandparents practiced, which is likely why they are students anyways. They are stuck in this pre-existing paradigm that all will work itself out. Or they are trying to venture out and ending up in the category of wantrepreneurs.

Students need to look elsewhere for alternative ways that might actually be of service to people. They need to attempt to start new ventures and test out new ideas. Not just theorize and talk about them in a classroom or at the bar.

I am happily beginning to see a shift emerge. The actions are starting to take place. There is slight movement in a different direction than that which the stream is flowing. There is finally a bit of resistance.

Over the last several months, more would-be young entrepreneurs are coming to myself and others for advice in a more serious context. There are students and young people ACTUALLY starting new businesses. More young people are appearing in offices and incubators. More youth are getting out there and getting their feet wet. This trend needs to continue. These are the job makers of the future, not the megacorps who are constantly cutting back. If you there is anybody out there… if anyone can hear me… START SOMETHING.

What are your thoughts? What is the future for Gen Y? Is Entrepreneurship an answer?

Chris Anderson is the co-founder and CEO at Easify, a social network which aims to redefine how people and products are brought together online. He is also the CEO/creative director at Astral social