How to view limitations

Written by Dorcas Solomon

Today’s post is actually steered from a conversation I had not long ago. It's been in my head recently, and I decided to do a brief write-up on it.

In the words of  Kevin Costner “If you don’t understand your limitations, you won’t achieve much in your life.”

Recognizing and understanding our limits do not come from a place of weakness but a place of strength. It is easy for us to feel we have to be the one to get that work done, get that project delivered, give that training to others, give others that reasonable advice, be it all. We sometimes feel the need to be in control of everything around us, or better yet, we want others to believe we are. However, the truth is we have to learn that sometimes it is alright for someone else to take the lead.

We sometimes take on way more than we can handle, believing we can multitask. Understandably, some people can, but not everyone and this is acceptable. It is better to do one thing perfectly than two with mediocrity.

It is okay to make mistakes. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for help because no one is perfect or knows it all. In no way does this mean we are not to develop our weak areas, but we must do so with wanting to improve rather than aiming for perfection or looking faultless in the eyes of others- because in the end, this will only lead to frustration.