This is what counts...right?

Undisclosed writer

”My name is ____ a mom of ____ illustrators - self-taught, I work in a field of Hotel and Tourism, I speak or at least I think five languages. I’m Latina, from Venezuela, brought up in Canada then went back to South America at the age of 15. 

I like to work with what I have - been a Latina who got pregnant when I was 15 it was pretty hard to finish my schooling - never had the money, so I sold cupcakes. I was struggling to take care of my son while growing up at the same time. I worked as a waiter in restaurants etc.

I then remarried after six years, but that didn't work out as well. So I started working part-time as an Instructor of basic English in South America. There I managed to apply for Crafts and Arts having a background in my 9th grade of high school, unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish high school.

Once you have children but have no support, opportunities might come, but your children are always first and that's all. When I turned 34 I got married to an Arabian. I love learning about cultures, beliefs and living in the big apple of Dubai. We then bought a house outside a small town called Ajman. We have a wonderful toddler she is two. She makes my crafts and my mind wild - wild because I have this idea of opening a shop. Although I don't know anything about sewing, I’m learning about that from YouTube, and about illustrations from online courses. Maybe I can still make a brand who knows. It sounds big but my dream is to one day have something like IKEA or the big bosses will say "we love your creations and we want you to be part of us".  

I have been rejected for not having a Bachelors degree and here in the Middle East online education is not acceptable, and I can't study here because I am a foreigner. I don’t know anything about picture taking, yet I got a new camera last week. I don’t know anything about editing looks for apps or how to attract viewers or potential buyers, but I am willing to learn and improve. I might not have been able to have a chance but I do now.

That is what counts ...right?