The season of singleness

Written by Shelby

I recently asked a close group of friends this question:
what is the best part of being single?

& the crowd con-census was:
the freedom to make decisions for one person.
to not have to worry about a family or a partner & to travel & chase dreams.
but the very top answer was, the time to invest in community & build rich relationships.

but if you ask them what the worst part is:
they say - it’s easy to feel isolated or alone.

there’s a pressure to be twenty-something & married.
so it begs the question if you’re not married, “is there something wrong with me.”

for me personally, marriage has never been at the top of my radar.
& if I’m boldly honest, I have really only thought about it in the last couple of years.
I come from a big family & would love to have a family of my own someday.

but now, now is the season of preparation.
the season of getting ready & investing in myself.
cultivating community & chasing 4-year-old dreams

if you’re single I’ll encourage you with this:

the season of singleness is yours.
it’s the season of showing up for yourself.
do the things you want to do.
learn new trades.
read all the good books.
catch a matinee.
spend your free time well & excellently.
be a good friend & make time for friends.
travel & book a ticket to the place you’ve always dreamed of.

don't look for the one.
be the one. 

whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do.
go do it.
because right now is the season of you.

the best shall/is coming