Written by Dorcas Solomon

As a young lady in her twenties, I find myself somewhere between excitement and apprehension when it comes to finding out what the future holds for me and bringing my dreams and vision to fruition. I believe the twenties are the time to invest in one’s self and the person you hope to become. It’s important to make hay while the sun shines- this prevents us from doing the “catching up game” later in life.

I thought to share some of the things I have done and am doing presently to help me in my investing stage:

1) Take time seriously. This seems obvious but I say this because the expectation for one’s “twenties” are becoming lower with time. Often you hear things like “it’s ok you have all the time” or “it’s ok you are just in your twenties”. Although this is true, it’s a mentality that has rubbed lots of youths of their “potential”. The best time to plan and make the future you want is now (watch “30 is not the new 20”)

2) Have a mentor. I have had different mentors for different aspects and stages in my life to guide me through. It’s amazing the perspective you get when you talk to, and have the guidance of someone who has walked the path you are about to begin.

3) Networking. Make time to build and develop good networks and contacts…Most importantly be interested in investing your time in others, people can sense and tell when all you want is what they have to offer… Take your time to actually get to know others and be genuinely interested, this pays off in the long run.

4) Have a plan. This may seem obvious as well but it shocking how many people think of this concept passively but never actualize it. Write down your plans, hopes, and aspiration. Write down what you want to do and be in a couple of years, then figure out the in between step to getting there. Have different options in getting there as well. Whatever you do, have a vision for yourself, plan of actions, short term and long-term goals and write them down. “A goal not written is only a wish. Don’t wish for it, work for it.”

5) Keep a good circle of friends. who you associate with is very important. Keep people around that can inspire and motivate you. And note: You don’t always have to surround your self with like-minded people; wisdom and great perspectives are achieved when we surround ourselves with people who will disagree with us and challenge our opinions and thoughts.

6) Invest. Like I said now is the time to invest in you. Do this by learning and seeking knowledge. Set goals to read a book every month, take online classes, and go for workshops. Etc. learning should not be seen as a period on life but as a way of life.

Above all, be mindful and intentional about how you spend your time. Let every action count.

Now, this is not to say I think you should worry so much on your 20s, but rather in littlest ways starts acting on building that future you want, or towards the woman or man you hope to become.

These are things that have helped me and are helping me on my journey. I want to hear from you, what are things that you are doing in your “investing stage?”