Effectiveness of a managed time

Written by Dorcas Solomon

“It is very important that we understand, not that time is money… But time is an opportunity.”

 This has now come to be one of my favorite quotes. We often forget that time is the greatest opportunity there is, and waste a great deal of time in search of opportunities. The irony!

We have to understand that in the end all we have is time, and we may  all know this, but there is a difference between knowing and coming to an intentional realization. Coming to an intentional realization is becoming aware of how we spend each minute in our day and making each minute count. It is very important that we spend time doing something that adds value to who we are, or is an investment into who we want to be.

To create a life full of opportunities we have to learn to manage time effectively . Do you know we have 84,600 seconds in a day? Now realize that how you spend this 84600 seconds determines your day and its outcome.

I want us to change our mentality from seeing time as a big problem. It limits our scope in understanding how to master time. The 84,600 seconds we have in a day is entirely ours, and can be used whichever way we deem fit. I used to view time as the enemy, but now I don’t. We must become the dictator of our time rather that the other way around (which is where most of us find ourselves).

Next week i’m going to share how I have personally come to manage my time effectively, and I do hope it helps you as well. STAY TUNED!!

And here is a video I love so much which again brought me to an intentional realization as I mentioned earlier, please do take a moment to watch it. it is only a minute plus long and its definitely worth the time :