6 tools to make your life easier and more efficient

Written by Dorcas Solomon

In my never-ending quest to find out the best apps and software - I bring to you my top 6, tried and tested. let’s get started:

1) Grammarly

According to Forbes, Grammarly is an online service that quickly and easily makes your writing better and makes you sound like a pro, or at least helps you avoid looking like a fool. I’ll tell that the “avoid looking like a fool” part totally got my attention. We’ve all had that one instance where we’ve sent out an important email only to realize we had a spelleing or grammar error or simply interchanged “where” with “were.” 

This app doesn't only help with spell checks but more importantly grammar. I love how intuitive it is - it gives better results than the typical “word” integrated spell checks.

2) Jamie’s To Do

This is a critically acclaimed app. I downloaded this app right after finding out Oprah uses it. You bet! Simply put, it offers a refreshing and easy-to-use platform to organize your task. I personally love that it has different sections i.e. work, reminders, home etc (which are customizable) making it easier to consolidate all your “to do lists,” and keep track at the same time. If you like to stay on top of things and productivity is your manta, this app is for you.

3) EveryDollar

When I hear the word budgeting, I can’t help but think of a cliché word or better still an idealistic term.

From simple excel to advanced tools, nothing did the magic for me when it came to budgeting. It was either the budgeting tools was too simple that it lacked future foresight (which makes budgeting futile in my opinion) or too complicated that I got weary with time. Not until I found this app, EveryDollar.

First of all, it’s by Dave Ramsey, someone whom I respect and utterly admire when it comes to anything finance. The app is based on a proven plan of Dave's Baby Steps to beat debt and build wealth. I especially love that it’s simple to use and gives you a quick view of what's planned, spent and remaining. Also, it gives you a holistic perspective of your money with future foresight in mind. The app helps you create a monthly budget with the intent of helping you achieve your long-term money goals.

4) Pushbullet

This is referred to by CNET as “the app you never knew you needed.” My phone is always charging and this doesn’t help as I do multiple tasks on it. So, when I found this app it was an answered prayer. Pushbullet is an extension tool that syncs your computer with your phone, eliminating the need to switch between the two while you’re working. You can view your WhatsApp, social media and phone apps on your computer screen while your phone is charging in another room, and easily share links and files between your devices, or with friends. Super cool and useful.

5) Blinkist

I learned of this app from a friend recently and it’s been a favorite since then. It’s a web and mobile app that offers summaries of non-fiction books via audio or text. This is great when wanting to buy a book but would love to get a more in-depth synopsis first, or if you would like to read for general learning/self-improvement but simply don’t have the time to read a whole book, let alone several. This is a great app that could help you get through various books in weeks.

6) Scanbot

If you are like me and don’t own a scanner, or if you want an alternative that is much easier and faster, be excited. Sacnbot scans your physical documents, turning them into virtual ones using your phone. This is such a time-saving tool, especially, when you need to scan more than one page. This app is super easy to use and the software's automatic settings do a good job of managing the lighting, color, and cropping as you snap the photo. Highly recommend.

There you have it, my top 6. Happy testing! and feel free to recommend some of your top apps below.