Have you ever been to a workshop or an event and left feeling - "I didn't get anything out of this"? I have.  Which is why WALKOFPROMISE focuses on providing women with the resources they need for their own specific journey rather than generic information. Success is relative, and I have come to learn that the key to succeeding is getting the necessary tools I need for my own personalized journey.

All our workshops are customized to meet the needs of our audience by asking targeted questions. This takes you from being a number at the event to being a core member of the event. Speakers bring tools that equip you, and information that best meets your concerns. We don't just hope for women to flourish, we bring the necessary resources and insights to make that happen for you. Hence, at our workshops, we host only a few people rather than large crowds, to enable each person get the most out of it. 

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xx Dorcas Solomon - Founder and Editor-In-Chief